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Algunas Frases de los Personajes


Joey: Hang on Dawson, its gonna be a bumpy life. Joey: Escucha Dawson, esta será una vida llena de baches.
Joey: I just think our emerging hormones are destined to alter our relationship...and I'm trying to limit the fallout. Joey: Yo sólo creo que nuestras emergentes hormonas están destinadas a alterar nuestra amistad...y solo estoy tratando de delimitar la "lluvia ácida????"
At least you have a mother to be mad at. Joey: Al menos tienes una madre con la cual estar molesto.
Dawson: But... how could it be over? we can't just say "I love You" for the first time and have it be over. Dawson: Pero... ¿Cómo puede haber terminado? no podemos sólo decir "Te amo" por primera vez y dejarlo terminar.
Jen: Don't give up on your lost causes, you never know when your luck will change. Jen: No te rindas con tus causas perdidas, nunca sabes cuando tu suerte puede cambiar.
Dawson: I haven't moved on, I haven't let go, And that is why I am clinching on to the one thing I hold dear in my life. Dawson: Yo no lo he superado, no lo he dejado ir, y por eso es que me aferro a la única cosa que reconozco en mi vida.
Andy: You're so not nervous that you're making me nervous. Andy: Estás tan tranquilo que me pones nerviosa.
Dawson: She believes in me. And I'm a dreamer so it's so good to have somebody like that in my life. If she goes away, I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, she's my best friend, you know?...She's more than that...She's everything. Dawson: Ella cree en mi. Soy un soñador y por eso es tan bueno tener a alguien así en mi vida. Si ella se va no se que voy a hacer. Quiero decir, ella es mi mejor amiga, sabes?... Es más que eso... ella lo es todo.
Pacey: Some of us are just trying to get through the day without breaking something. Pacey: Algunos de nosotros sólo tratamos de pasar el día sin romper algo.
Andy: Jen is head cheeleader and Jack is on the football team? So I got sane and everyone else got crazy? Andy: ¿Jen es la lider de las porristas y Jack está en el equipo de Football? ¿Es que yo me curé y el resto se volvió loco?
Joey: Its a whole new year Dawson, things can be different. Joey: Es un nuevo año por completo Dawson, las cosas podrían ser diferentes.
Dawson: If people are truly, madly, deeply in love with eachother, they will find a way. Dawson: Si dos personas están real, loca, y profundamente enamoradas, encontrarán el camino.
Dawson: Joey, if we were truly meant to be, then will we find our way back to each other. Dawson: Joey, si nosotros estamos realmente destinados a estar juntos, entonces encontraremos el camino de regreso el uno al otro.
Joey: Do you think every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson has a Joey?
Dawson: Hope so, for their sake.
Joey: ¿Crees que cada Joey tenga un Dawson y cada Dawson tenga una Joey?
Dawson: Eso espero, por su bien.
Jen: I wonder if Pacey loves me yet. Jen: Me pregunto si Pacey ya me ama.
Jen: You have to have faith that sometimes things happen when there least expected.  
Jack: I don't fit in here, Jen. I mean, this is Capeside, Massachusetts. Gay population: 1  
Joey: I never thought I'd say this about you, Dawson, but you're a sell-out.
Dawson: Joey...
Joey:  I mean, first Eve practically tugs you around Capeside by a dog collar. Now, little miss Film Girl breezes into town and you're tossing your identity out the window.
Henry: I used to spend everyday thinking about you. When you walked by, I lost myself. Do you know what that's like?! To love someone so much but not have them love you back? You miss the way I looked at you. Well I don't miss the way you didn't look at me.  
Pacey: One week you're soul mates. The next week you're giving each other up for the greater good. I mean, do you think it's possible that sometime soon, you could make up your mind? Please?  
Joey: Don't let yourself become so angry that you stop loving, because one day, you'll wake up from that anger, and the person you love will be gone. Joey: No te permitas llegar a estar tan molesto que dejes de amar, porque un día superarás ese enojo y la persona que amas se habrá ido.
Joey: Once again, Dawson Leery proves that the groin is mightier than the brain!  
Joey: No Matter where life takes u...big cities, small towns, u will inevitably run across small minds...people who think they are better than u, people who think that being pretty or popular automatically makes u a worthwhile human...none of these tihngs matter. As long as u have a strength of character, integrity, sense of pride...So when u meet someone for the first time, dont judge them by their situation in life, because u never know they may end up being ur very best friend.  
Pacey: You're starting to look all kinds of cute  
Pacey: I've always thought of myself as the Han Solo type- rogueish good looks, devil-may-care attitude  
Grams: You know you really love someone when you can spend the entire night just sitting by a fire watching them sleep.  


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